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Vigil Held Outside Courthouse for Missing Woman

Family and friends of a missing woman held a vigil outside the Mendocino County Courthouse in Ukiah yesterday. 23-year-old Khadijah Britton has been missing since February 9th. She was last seen with her ex-boyfriend, Negie Fallis, who police believe kidnapped her at gunpoint. Fallis, who was arrested last week, made a court appearance yesterday. The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office is currently charging Fallis with crimes committed during a previous domestic violence incident involving Britton on January 29th. Fallis is due back in court on Friday. Around 100 people gathered outside the courthouse and courtroom during the vigil to support Britton’s family.

Board Files Suit Against Former Lakeport City Council Member

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is filing suit against a former city council member for payment of a debt. Several years ago, the county paid close to $60,000 to have a crane, owned by former Lakeport City Council member Martin Scheel, removed from Clear Lake. He was using the crane to build a boat lift in Clearlake Park, and it slipped into the water during a storm. In 2016, Scheel agreed to repay approximately $56,000 plus interest, in monthly installments, but he stopped making payments last year. // Yesterday, the board voted unanimously to begin litigation to recoup the expenses.

Winter Storm Warning Issued for Lake County

A winter storm warning has been issued for Lake County. The National Weather Service is calling for rain, snow and gusty winds. The winter storm warning will be in effect from 4 p.m. Wednesday through 10 p.m. Saturday. Snow is expected to start falling in Lake County tomorrow night.

Groundbreaking at Site of Temporary Housing Units

A groundbreaking ceremony was held recently at the Lake Mendocino Kyen Campground, where approximately 29 temporary housing units will be built to accommodate those displaced by the Redwood Complex wildfires. FEMA plans to have the temporary housing units finished in a month, and those still at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds will be relocated.

McGuire Wood Hosting Hearing in Ukiah to Discuss Prop 64

State Sen. Mike McGuire and Assemblyman Jim Wood will hold a hearing this week in Ukiah to discuss the “First 60 Days of Prop 64.” In November, voters approved Prop 64 legalizing recreational cannabis. To help with preparing for the implementation, McGuire says he and Wood want to bring all of the state agency, local government and business leaders together in Ukiah to provide an in-depth briefing. The meeting will be held at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 1st.

Krones Joins Race for Lake County DA

Susan Krones has joined the race to become Lake County’s next District Attorney. Krones is currently a senior deputy district attorney and has 25 years of experience prosecuting criminal cases in Lake County. Also in the race is local attorney Steven Brown. Lake County DA Don Anderson along with Deputy County Counsel Shanda Harry and attorney Andre Ross, are running for Department 4 Department 4 Superior Court Judge

2 Arrests Made in Mailbox Thefts

Arrests have been made in two separate mailbox theft cases in Mendocino County. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has been working with several local residents on a surveillance campaign of rural mailboxes, due to the rise in mail theft in recent years. The arrests came after responding to recent calls. 30-year-old Richard McCormick of Ukiah was arrested on February 14th after being found in possession of several stolen packages, and drugs. 42-year-old Jose Angulo of Ukiah was arrested on February 22nd in possession of a stolen package and drugs packaged for sale.

Habitat for Humanity Home Dedicated to Clayton Fire Survivors

Habitat for Humanity Lake County celebrated another housewarming dedication for survivors of the Clayton Fire. TheTorres-Guerrero family once again have a home on their Lower Lake lot. The family says they are thankful to Habitat for being so supportive through everything they endured, adding that they are grateful to have a home to pass on to their son.

4 Arrested in Lakeport After Discovery of Honey Oil Lab

Four men were arrested last week following the discovery of an active butane honey oil lab in Lakeport. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit served a search warrant at an office space on Skypark Drive, where they found the lab and approximately 10 pounds of marijuana shake, 92 grams of concentrated cannabis and additionally concentrated cannabis. 44-year-old Dustin Lee Brey, of Kelseyville, was arrested for manufacturing a controlled substance while 30-year-old Cody Alan Harrell, of Springfield, Missouri and 21-year-old Justin Michael Richardson, of Summerfield, Florida, were taken into custody on warrants. The fourth man was released with no charge.

Family Posts Video Making Plea for Help in Finding Missing Woman

On Friday, the family of of a missing woman posted a video on line asking for help with her return. 23-year-old Khadijah Britton has been missing since February 7th, believed to have been abducted by her ex-boyfriend, who has since been arrested. Britton’s aunt said in the video that family and friends have searched in dumps, in garbage, creeks, mountains, and rivers, to no avail. There is a reward for any information leading to her discovery, which has been increased to $50,000.

Here’s the link to the video:

IMPORTANT: MISSING RELATIVE KHADIJAH BRITTON’s FAMILY& FRIENDS ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP. Khadijah has now been missing since Feb 7th and was abducted at gun point. They need you to share this in every group and to every person you can possibly get it to. You can help their search efforts by going to Wishlist:

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