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Man Fatally Shot in Family Dispute

A man who was shot during a family dispute in Clearlake has died from his injuries.

According to the preliminary investigation, 33-year-old Stephen Wooldridge was upset with his mother and arrived at her home in the 16200 block of 36th Avenue. When he wasn’t allowed inside, he forced his way in through the garage. Woolridge’s mother’s boyfriend, 82-year-old Johnny Stevenson had armed himself with a .22-caliber rifle. Woolridge was reportedly threatening Stevenson, who told police that when Woodridge moved towards him, he cocked the firearm as a warning, but the firearm went off, hitting Wooldridge once in the chest. Stevenson was not arrested, but the investigation is ongoing.

Gypsy Moth has been detected in Medocino County

The Gypsy Moth has been detected in Medocino County. Two moths were found in the Anderson Valley area. The Gypsy Moth is a serious insect pest of hardwood forests, shade trees and shurbs. The feeding of the larval stages of the moth does serious damage to host species by causing defoliation of the host and seriously weakening or killing it. The Mendocino County Department of Agriculture is closely monitoring the situation.

Citizen Helps Catch Bike Thief

An alert citizen assisted police in catching a bike thief yesterday.

The specialized bicycle that costs over $2,000 was taken from of Main Street Bicycles at around 3PM. A person familiar with the store contacted them and told them that someone was riding the bicycle South on South Main Street near Aqua Products. Lakeport Police and Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputies located the stolen bicycle outside of the K-Mart store on South Main Street.

The witness also went to K-Mart to positively identify the bike and the suspect. 38-year-old Robert Michael Berg, a transient from Lakeport who was well known to officers due to many previous contacts, was arrested for felony grand theft and felony possession of stolen property and transported to the Lake County Correctional Facility.

Tahoe Ends Up Through Front of Ukiah Home

A vehicle ended up in the front of a home yesterday in Ukiah. It happened when the driver thought the Chevy Tahoe was in reverse in the driveway and hit the gas. Instead of pulling out of the drive, the vehicle ended up going through the front of the house. No one was injured and , Firefighters from the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority worked to remove the vehicle from the home.

MCDOWELL VO – Another case of animals being left in a hot car

Another case of animals being left in a hot car…details from Lin McDowell…

At about 2:45 p.m. Wednesday the Lakeport Police Department responded to a call on South Main Street regarding three dogs left in a hot car. When the officer arrived a citizen had already broken into the car and released the dogs, which, according to police, were overheated. The agency said the investigation revealed that the dogs had been in the car for around 20 minutes with no access to water, and with the windows barely cracked. The outside temperature at the time of this incident was 102 degrees. The department said it issued a criminal citation to the owner of the dogs and will be facing prosecution.

Fiery Streak Across The Sky Caused by Rocket

A fiery streak across the sky last night caused alarm.

Numerous calls were made to Lake County Central Dispatch about a possible downed plane near Lucerne, and just after 9:40PM, firefighters were sent to check out a possible wildland fire in the Indian Valley area. There was no fire. The blazing object was debris from a Chinese rocket re-entering earth’s atmosphere.

There were reports from people in California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Colorado, who all saw the fireball as the debris broke up in the sky.

According to a scientist with Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the sky show was created by China‚Äôs Long March 7 rocket’s re-entry, which took off June 25 on its maiden test flight. Most of the Long March 7 rocket that fell last night burned up in the atmosphere, but a few parts could have survived and landed intact.

City to Address Illegal Encampments at Riverside Park

Due to an incrase in illegal encampments at Riverside Park, the City of Ukiah is looking for ways to improve enforcement. Campers have been setting fires and leaving trash and other debris along the Russian River. There’s also illegal activiies occuring. Currently the city notifies campers that they must leave, but are looking into some kind of special enforcent option to address repeat offenders.

Report of Home Robbery All An Illusion

Mendocino County Deputies responded to a report of a home being robbed by multiple suspects and shots fired yesterday in Albion. But it turns out, the woman who called, 43 year old Laura Doty, was high on drugs and imagined the whole thing. 56 year old Douglas Higginbotham, who was also high, was holding a rifle when deputies arrived. He dropped it on their orders. Both were taken into custody. Their 2 grandchildren who were also at the residence, were taken into protective custody.

Valley Fire Long-Term Recovery Task Force Meeting Tonight

The next Valley Fire Long-Term Recovery Task Force meeting is this evening. The format of this meeting will be a little different from those in the past. There will be a brief written status update on county recovery activities for the public to pick up, and the meeting will be opened up for questions and answers between the public and the various recovery branch directors. Lake County Administrative Officer, Carol Huchingson says the task force meetings will continue to be scheduled on an “as needed” basis. The meeting this evening will begin at 6 at Cobb Elementary School, at 15895 Highway 175. It’s open to all members of the public.

Happy Birthday this week to Lake County’s last survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack

Happy Birthday this week to Lake County’s last survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack. More from Lin McDowell…

On Tuesday, Bill Slater of Lakeport, turned 92, celebrated by having lunch with a group of friends. His friends Ronnie and Janeane Bogner of Clearlake Oaks, honorary members of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association’s local chapter and organizers of the annual Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremony, hosted the Tuesday lunch for Slater. Slater, who had spent some of his youth in an orphanage, was a 17-year-old sailor aboard the USS Pennsylvania when the ship was among those targeted in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. He and his family came to Lake County and made it their home decades later.