Enforcement Stop Leads to 2 Arrests

An enforcement stop which escalated into a vehicle pursuit has resulted in two arrests.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports that on Sunday, just after 3AM, a deputy on patrol in the Clearlake area pulled over a van on Lakeshore Boulevard. As the deputy talked with the driver, Amy Jonas, a second deputy arrived and noticed a man lying in the back of the van, who was later identified as Derek Boudreaux. As the deputies opened the cargo doors to contact Boudreaux, they immediately noticed two loaded AR-15 type magazines beside Boudreaux’s feet and a rifle barrel under his head. As the deputy announced the presence of the rifle, Jonas sped away.

Both deputies pursued the van. The chase reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. It ended when Jonas pulled into the the parking lot of the St. Helena Clearlake Hospital and stopped. Both Jonas and Boudreaux were detained.