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Clearlake Oaks Sees Increase in Bulk Water Theft

Clearlake Oaks cases is seeing a rise in water thefts, according to the Clearlake Oaks County Water District. General Manager Matt Bassett says they’re seeing thefts of bulk water from the lake, negligence by water consumers about declaring the amount of water taken from the district’s bulk water station, thefts from fire hydrants and stolen water meters. A permanent solution to reducing the theft is to move the bulk station from the firehouse to the water plant. Monitoring would be stricter and cameras will be in place. The temporary solutions is that the district has placed a lock on the water crane to better monitor the amount of water people take. Protecting fire hydrants is also a priority.

Clearlake P:olice Get K9 Hlep in Apprehension

Saturday, during an assignment to pick up 38-year-old Lance Scarborough for outstanding felony warrants – Clearlake Police had to get some assistance from their K9. When police arrived at Scrarborough’s home in the 3600 Block of Mountain View Street in Clearlake, he locked the doors and refused to come out. After about 30 minutes, Officer Lenz sent his recently acquired K9 partner Dex into the residence through a window. Dex quickly apprehended ,and once inside officers were able to safely arrest him for the outstanding warrants and resisting arrest. Scarborough sustained injuries to both his lower legs as a result of the K9 apprehension. Scarborough was treated at the scene for the injuries and then transported to St. Helena Hospital in Clearlake for further treatment and to be medically cleared for incarceration.

Final Tally of Votes from June 3rd Election Released Tomorrow

Lake County’s Registrar of Voters will release the final tally of votes from the June 3 election tomorrow. Measure N (marijuana ordinance) , Measure L (lake ordinance) and the Sheriff’s race (if challenger Brian Martin falls below 50 percent) could be impacted locally. Then, at 6:10 p.m. the Lake County Board of Supervisors will consider a resolution accepting the official canvass and the statement of votes cast for the Statewide Direct Primary Election and declaring, as appropriate, certain individuals duly elected to specific constitutional offices.

Measure S Renewal to Go Before Ukiah Voters

The Ukiah City Council voted unanimously last week to ask voters to pass a Measure S renewal in November that will not expire. In 2005, the half-cent sales tax measure was passed with a 10-year sunset, and is set to expire in September of next year. City Manager Jane Chambers say that this year alone, the tax is expected to provide $2.3 million for public safety. The meaure that will be on the ballot also institutes an oversight committee made up of community members who would review the city’s budget and how it spent the tax funds.

Mendocino Coast Recreation and Park District Look for Public Input

The Mendocino Coast Recreation and Park District would like to welcome everyone to attend their strategic planning meeting this evening at 5:00 at the C.V. Starr Center. Discussion items include: Botanical Gardens funding support, potential candidates for purchase of highway 20 property, fundraising events, operations of the C.V. Starr Center, and more. Public input is welcomed and appreciated.

MSCSO to Provide Dispatch Service to CVRPD

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is now providing dispatch services to the Coyote Valley Reservation Police Department. CVRPD Chief Louie Torres says the partnership will improve the safety of both his officers, and the residents in the area they serve north of Ukiah. No longer will his officers have to stop a vehicle and not be able to have a dispatcher do a license check. An no longer will an officer need to rely on his or her cell phone to call for help. They’ll now be able to grab a radio and talk to a dispatcher – who in most cases already knows where the officer is calling in from. CVRPD will pay $10,000 a year for 24/7 dispatch services from MSCSO.

Camper van caught fire climbing Ridgewood grade

In Mendocino County a family vacation was cut short after a camper van carrying Matt Berardo of Campbell, his children, friend, and girlfriend, caught fire while climbing the Ridgewood Grade about 10 miles south of Willits. Berardo pulled the van over quickly and no one was injured. The fire spread onto land next to the highway and burned about an acre of brush before being quickly contained in a joint effort by several local fire departments. The fire was contained within 20 minutes and took about 3 hours to fully control. After pulling over, Berardo and another passenger, jumped out and tried to salvage the group’s possessions, pulling them out of the van, unfortunately the wind swept the fire onto their possessions. Everyone managed to get out of the car safely. The car belonged to Berardo’s girlfriend and was towed away by AAA. Items lost by the family in the fire included laptops, iPads and all their camping gear.

Two Clearlake residents arrested during a traffic stop

A routine traffic stop in Willits resulted in the arrests of two Clearlake residents last weekend on drug charges. Thomas Parks and Kim Williams, both age 41, were arrested following an early morning traffic stop on Saturday, June 21st. Parks was driving the vehicle, with Williams riding as his passenger.
During the contact Mendocino Sheriff’s Deputies noticed the subjects were displaying signs of drug influence. Both were arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance. A vehicle search turned up a usable quantity of methamphetamine. The pair are both sitting in the Mendocino County Jail and held in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Animal Shelter Recruiting Volunteers

Mendocino County Animal Care Services is recruiting voluteers. If you’d like to help work with dogs and cats, be a dog walker, or do some cat petting, the Ukiah Shelter could use your help. The fist step is to attend a one-hour orientation and the next one is next Wednesday at 5:30PM for an overview of what happens at the shelter, and see all of the opportunities to help. Call the animial shelter to get more information about volunteering.

Buoys Mark Shallow Water on Clear Lake

To promote safe boating conditions in Clear Lake, the Lake County Department of Water Resources recently placed white warning buoys along the shore near Rodman Slough to mark shallow areas of water that boaters should avoid. Even though Clear Lake is doing better than many lakes and reservoirs in the state, the drought has caused lower than usual water levels. Officials want boaters to beware that areas that were easilly navigated last year, may be hazordous this year because of the lower levels.