Lake County to End Contract with Probation Service Provider

A contract between the Lake County Probation Department and Behavioral Intervention Incorporated will be allowed won’t be renewed. The Lake County Board of Supervisors voted 3-0 to allow it to expire on June 30th. The company – based in Boulder, Colorado – provides substance abuse programming, mental health counseling, alcohol and drug abuse monitoring, as well as supervision and tracking of offenders in the program. The county pays $53,000 a month, totaling $636,000 annually, for the services. The services are funded by Assembly Bill 109, which was passed in hopes of reducing overcrowding in state prisons. That bill relocates or allows inmates who qualify to serve their sentence at county jails as opposed to serving their sentence in state prisons. Chief Probation Officer Rob Howe says instead of paying BI Incorporated, he believes the city can take over that responsibility and keep the money in the county by working with local providers and increasing probation staff.