Ukiah Citizens for Safety First to Face 2 Attorneys

A group suing the city of Ukiah over the environmental impact report prepared for a proposed Costco store will go up against 2 attorneys: one for the store, and another for the city. The lawsuit, filed by Ukiah Citizens for Safety First, claims that Costco “will create dangerous traffic conditions on Highway 101” and its EIR should not have been certified by the Ukiah City Council. According to the City Attorney, Costco has agreed to defend the City Council’s decision to certify the EIR and has retained legal counsel to defend the decision. But he also recommended that the City retain their own attorney because of their expertise and familiarity with the administrative record and the issues raised by suing group during the administrative hearings. Costco’s legal counsel will take the lead in the litigation and perform most of the work, but the city’s legal counsel will be available to consult and provide back-up, when necessary. The City Council approved the suggestion.