Police Catch Charter School Thief

Police have caught the thief who stole 4 laptop computers and eight iPads from the Lake County International Charter School last week.
Shelby Gael Dunlap, of Napa County was arrested Saturday morning. During investigation of the theft, detectives found a Twin Pine Casino player card with Dunlap’s name on it at the charter school. That information was passed along to Napa County officials who had a warrant out for her arrest on drug-related charges. Deputies looking for Dunlap at the casino noticed some handbags at the security booth. Turns out, she’d left them there and inside were two Dell laptop computers. When arrested, Dunlap also had one of the stolen iPads in her possession. She insists she wasn’t the one to steal the items. Dunlap has been booked into the Lake County Jail for burglary and possession of stolen property. She remained in custody yesterday with a $50,000 bail. The laptops and iPads were acquired for the Charter School through a grant.