The Case of the Missing Bid, Solved

When the Ukiah City Coun­cil approved the pur­chase of three new police vehi­cles last month, Ukiah Police Chief Chris Dewey said he only received bids from deal­er­ships in Hum­boldt and Napa coun­ties, and that Ukiah Ford elected not to bid. How­ever, Ukiah Ford’s Pres­i­dent recently claim­ed that his busi­ness did provide a bid that was per­son­ally deliv­ered before the dead­line. So where did the bid go? An investigation into the matter shows that a bid was dropped off to an unidentified city employee a few hours before the deadline, but didn’t make it to the Purchasing Supervisor’s mail until the following Monday. So Chief Dewey was correct in stating that there were only two bids. City Manager Jane Chambers expressed her regrets to Ukiah Ford for the mistake. She added that even if the bid had been opened in time, it would not have changed the results of the bid award, which was to Zumwalt Ford.