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Ukiah Experiences Power Outage Due to Line Failure

Power was restored to all areas in Lake and Mendocino Counties affected by PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff on Friday and Saturday. But then Sunday, the city of Ukiah, which wasn’t part of the PSPS, experienced a power outage. At 9:35 yesterday morning, 1135 customers lost power in Ukiah. City Electric crews were onsite almost immediately, even on a Sunday, and coordinated efforts to restore power to all the customers in just 42 minutes. The outage was caused by a line that failed on North State Street. Crews are investigating to determine the cause of the line failure.

CA Make History with New Gun Violence Law

California is making history with a new gun violence law. Any gun owner thought to be dangerous could now have their weapons taken away. Starting next September, schools and employers will be able to ask the courts to issue a restraining order against students and workers they feel pose a risk for violence.

LCTID Unveils New Branding and Marketing Strategy

The Lake County Tourism Improvement District revealed their marketing strategy for 2020 last week. The new brand package – aimed at attracting more overnight visitors to Lake County, includes print and digital advertising campaigns, a new county tourism website, a new logo, and the campaign tagline: “Lake County: Clearly Different.” The Chief Branding Officer at Cubic Creative, the agency hired by the LCTID to re-brand Lake County, says the new branding and marketing effort will help the county compete for visitors’ attention. More information about the Lake County Tourism Improvement District can be found online at:

New State Law Focuses on Evacuation Routes

A new state law will require cities and counties to make sure residents have good evacuation routes for use during emergencies like fires or other natural disasters. The bill requires cities and counties to address the capacity, safety and viability of escape routes as part of the general plans.

Power Being Restored to Area

Power is being restored in Lake and Mendocino Counties. PG&E gave the all clear for both counties at 3PM yesterday. PG&E estimates 98% restoration of power in Lake County by 11 this evening. The exact restoration time for specific areas/communities is not known. There have been reports on social media from areas where power is already back on, like North Lakeport, Regina Heights in Ukiah and Redwood Valley.

MCSO Reports on Officer Involved Shooting

Three Mendocino County sheriff’s deputies involved in a shooting yesterday in Redwood Valley. According to a press release, the deputies were dispatched to a reported drunk pedestrian. The deputies reportedly wrestled with the man. He broke free, drew a handgun and fired at the deputies. After refusing orders to drop the gun, all three deputies returned fire. Sheriff Tom Allman says the man was shot at least twice, and was later air-lifted to an out of county hospital.

Governor Criticizes PG&G Over Massive PSPS

Many people are expressing anger and frustration with PG&E over the widespread Public Safety Power Shutoff – including Governor Gavin Newsom – who called the move unacceptable…

“What has occurred is unacceptable. Many adults are without water and unable to access medical supplies.  and children haven’t been able to go to school.”

Newsom says the latest PG&E blackout is a result of the power company’s greed and mismanagement.

Bill Johnson, PG&E’s CEO, defended the decision to go forward with preventative outages, saying they faced a choice here between hardship and safety, and chose safety.

Power Restoration May Happen This Afternoon in Lake and Mendocino Counties

While PG&E os continuing to shut off power to customers in parts of the state – they are also starting to turn the power back on for some. Restoration of power for Humboldt County started last night. State Senator Mike McGuire reports that restoration of power in Lake, and Mendocino, Counties may start taking place this afternoon. This process could take several hours while PG&E completes line inspections. PG&E says additional resources are poised to support the restoration process, including 45 helicopters and more than 6,300 on-the-ground field personnel. They say inspections, repairs and restoration can begin once the weather event has passed and it is safe to do so.

Free WiFi at Austin Park During Power Outage

You can check for updates using free Wifi inClearlake during the outage. The City has established free public WiFi at Austin Park. The network name is “Clearlake WiFi”. The coverage zone is in the west area of the park by the gazebo/bathrooms.

PG&E Creates Alternate Website As New One Crashes

PG&E has established an alternate website for customers to check their address for potential impact by a power shutoff. This has been done because PG&E’s newly created website crashed Tuesday after being overwhelmed by traffic. You can find the link to the alternate website with this story on our website – or in PG&E’s twitter feed at: