Clearlake Oaks Couple Busted for Marijuana in Nebraska Arrested Again

The Clearlake Oaks couple who were were arrested last month in Nebraska with a large amount of marijuana have been arrestest again, and are facing more charges. 80-year-old Patrick Gordon Jiron, and 70-year-old Barbara Jean Jiron, were both initially arrested on December 19th following a traffic stop, when they were found with 60 pounds of marijuana in their car. They have been arrested again in Nebraska – this time in a car driven by their daughter. They were in possession of $18,000 in US currency, raw marijuana and evidence indicating marijuana sales. Additionally, during a search of the couple’s local property, authorities discovered a grow site that is encroaching on federal public land. Detectives located a total of 152 pounds of loose processed marijuana and approximately 8 pounds of packaged processed marijuana.