Fiery Streak Across The Sky Caused by Rocket

A fiery streak across the sky last night caused alarm.

Numerous calls were made to Lake County Central Dispatch about a possible downed plane near Lucerne, and just after 9:40PM, firefighters were sent to check out a possible wildland fire in the Indian Valley area. There was no fire. The blazing object was debris from a Chinese rocket re-entering earth’s atmosphere.

There were reports from people in California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Colorado, who all saw the fireball as the debris broke up in the sky.

According to a scientist with Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the sky show was created by China’s Long March 7 rocket’s re-entry, which took off June 25 on its maiden test flight. Most of the Long March 7 rocket that fell last night burned up in the atmosphere, but a few parts could have survived and landed intact.