Brooktrails and Willits reach agreement

Brooktrails and the city of Willits have reached an agreement. Wilits News reports, Brooktrails and Willits abruptly resolved their litigation and set up a new framework for working together. The agreement was read into the court record last Wednesday effectively ending the conflict.
This unprecedented move occurred while the trial was underway. Brooktrails Board President Rick Williams says, It is time to put this controversy into the past and look forward to the how Brooktrails and the City can work together in the future. Brooktrails agreed to pay 36 percent (down from 37.69 percent) of all future bond payments for construction of the Willits sewer plant, and to pay Willits $213,500 in disputed past payments. Willits agreed to reserve capacity in the new plant exclusively for Brooktrails amounting to 459,000 gallons per day of dry weather flow. Local taxpayers have paid nearly $1.5 million in legal costs.