Hoberg Use Permit Being Reviewed

The use permit application for Hoberg’s Resort is being reviewed by agencies throughout the state. Along with the permit application, Lake County Partners, LLC, submitted a project overview narrative, as well as a site plan map detailing the group’s plans for the property. Comments from approximately 20 agencies, including Caltrans, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California Department of Public Health and local tribes, are anticipated to be received in three weeks. Community Development Director Richard Coel said the plan and vision for the site are good. Lake County Partners, LLC, Managing Member Silvester Rabic, says the plans for the property will be broken into four phases over the course of several years. Phase 1 includes asphalt repair work, landscaping, fencing, general cleanup and maintenance, as well as renovating and opening 15 guest rooms, a spa, fitness center and deli. Phase 2 includes timeshare condos and chalet models, the main lodge restaurant, ballroom, wine tasting room and bar. Lake County Partners, LLC, recently paid off multiple liens filed against the property, as well as $100,000 in back property taxes.