HazMobile Collection in Fort Bragg

The HazMobile household hazardous waste collection will be at Fort Bragg Disposal, 219 Pudding Creek Road, today and tomorrow, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. In fact, the HazMobile visits Fort Bragg on the first Friday-Saturday of every month unless it is a holiday weekend. Dangerous chemicals that can’t go in the trash are accepted by the HazMobile for recycling or special disposal. The HazMobile is free to households but there is a limit of 15 gallons per vehicle per day. Small business waste is also welcome at the collection but an appointment must be made and a fee will be applied per gallon of waste. Make sure items are kept in their original containers. Toxic items like paint, antifreeze, and pesticides, are accepted by the HazMobile. Explosives and road flares are excluded. Find more information at www.mendoRecycle.org