Clearlake Northshore Cleanup Continues

Cleanup is still underway in Clearlake and areas on the Northshore.The county and city are providing green waste collection sites and large debris boxes in the hardest hit areas from last week’s windstorm. Northshore Area Supervisor Denise Rushing is asking residents to use the services as intended, and to avoid putting hazardous and household waste in the boxes. She’s also asking for help with cleanup activities. Anyone who would like to volunteer should call the county of Lake’s personnel office. In Clearlake, residents can drop off green waste free of charge at a designated area at the city’s corporation yard.

In light of the damaging windstorm, the Board of Supervisors and the Clearlake City Council met yesterday to discuss emergency declarations. Their City Manager issued the emergency proclamation Saturday. The Councils confirmation authorizes things like emergency actions and providing property owners with documentation for their insurance providers. The winds downed trees and powerlines and tore off roofs. Many homes and cars were damaged by the falling trees. The total cost of the storm’s destruction to the area is still being calculated.