Clearlake Crash Update

An investigation is still underway on a serious crash that happened yesterday morning on Lakeshore Drive in Clearlake. Witnesses say a pickup truck, with a load of rocks in the bed, was traveling erratically at high speeds down Lakeshore Drive. In fact, people were calling Clearlake Police about the driver. Police couldn’t get there before the truck hit another vehicle, flipped multiple times, then landed in the parking lot of Howard’s Grotto restaurant. The wreckage, scattered rocks and emergency vehicles brought traffic to a halt as Lakeshore Drive was closed until afternoon. Rescue personel had to extricate both driveres from their vehicles. Both were flown out for medical attention by air ambulance. Lake County News reports that Joe Cook, the driver of the truck, has rib fractures, dislocated toes and a mild head injury. Edward Gonzales sustained serious head injuries.